Affiliate Program for Supplements

It is better than ever to take advantage of easy revenue when you go through our VitaMonk affiliate program! This program allows you to earn revenue just by using the traffic that you already generate on your website. Through our affiliate marketing service, we will partner with you in order to monetize your website through the subtle promotion of our products. These are high quality supplements focused on general health, mental and physical performance, anti-aging, and much more. No matter what your audience needs, VitaMonk can help them get it--and help you to get paid at the same time.

This program works through the constant efforts that we make to market and retarget different products to suit the needs of different clients, allowing our marketing services to be some of the most effective and cutting edge processes ever used. When you sign up with us, we give you a URL that is unique to only you. This URL helps us to track which customers are coming from your site since we place a temporary cookie on their browsers. These cookies will remain for 90 days, meaning that every sale generated from that link within the first 90 days of the customer clicking it will give you 10 percent revenue. This revenue meets or exceeds some of the highest industry standards, allowing you to make more money than ever before through an affiliate program.

Each of the products that we offer, including the many new ones being launched in the coming year, come with a money back guarantee to help your audience feel more at ease shopping through our site. The link clicks will come in droves, ensuring that your revenue will be reliable and consistent. Don't wait any longer. Sign up with us today! Click here to sign up for the VitaMonk affiliate program.